Saturday, December 27, 2008

So long old friend...

After 22 years together my mirrored, mahogany armoire is gone. Bought this beauty from an antique store in Walnut Creek, CA. It has been in my bedroom in 10 of my homes...but it couldn't make the narrow stairs in my 1906 it was time to part ways. The people who purchased it got the deal of a lifetime.

Unfortunately the pics below were taken when I put it in the garage so I could use them for selling it...after the photos were taken the mirrored door was stored in the basement. I have a picture of it in my bedroom but I've been too lazy to scan it in. The door, top and bottom come off and the drawers all come out...and even with all those items out it is still a big piece to move. Measurements when all together: height 92” (7' 8") x depth 24” x width 48".

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bella shabby said...

This is a beauty! I'm sure you hated to see it go. Sue