Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Carmels...

My friends Kate and Kathy came by to make and wrap carmels. For years my sister-in-law Julie would make carmels during the holidays and give them to friends and family. They were so good I decided to start an annual tradition three years ago of making and giving them to friends and co-workers. During an after Christmas sale in January I bought some decorative 'take-out' style containers and small bags to use for packaging this year's carmels. And picked up cheap holiday tins at garage sales.

One lb butter
16 oz white Karo syrup
Two lbs brown sugar
Two cans condensed sweetened milk
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsps vanilla
1 candy thermometer
120-150 wrappers or wax paper
Buttered cookie sheet or jelly roll pan

Combine all ingredients above except vanilla in large sauce pan and hook candy thermometer on the side of the pan so tip is in the ingredients but isn't touching the bottom of the pan. Cook on medium heat and stir constantly (~40 minutes) until temperature reaches 245 degrees Fahrenheit. Once temperature is reached remove from heat and mix in vanilla and pour into buttered cookie sheet or jelly roll pan. Allow carmels to set up at least 8 hours or until set. Cut into one inch squares and wrap.

I love the picture on the tin...probably because she is wearing blue.


Jenny said...

Love your site! Thanks for stopping by mine ... and thanks for the caramel recipe!! I copied and pasted it into Word for later on this week! I'll let you know how they turn out ... *smile*


Online Credit Score said...

Thanks to both Renee and Jenny for the great recipe and for sharing with us!