Monday, December 1, 2008

Ready for visitors...

Hooray, another project complete. I like to have luggage racks in my guest bedrooms. I have had this beat up luggage rack for a year or two (or more), and have been looking off and on for material for straps. When my friend Melinda and I were thrift shop shopping this weekend I mentioned that I needed to find some straps and she suggested belts. The ideal solution especially given the room this rack was destine to end up in. For once my procrastination paid off, I was suppose to have dropped of a bunch of belts for donation two months ago and didn’t. After all, I haven’t worn a belt for quite some time…let’s see have I worn any in this decade…ah, that would be a no. Two of the belts in the donation box were perfect. I pulled out all the old tacks...boy was that a challenge, grabbed some left over glossy, black spray paint and touched up the rack. Once I had it in my very small guest room, I realized I could use it as a magazine rack when it isn't in use as a luggage rack. Neck ties would also be fun and could be easily attached by wrapping the ends of the ties around the handle and securing with a few stitches. By the way, the bulletin board in the picture below is what I use to hold my quilt pieces as I am assembling a quilt top. It is huge, takes up the whole wall in this small room.

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Bravo! I admire that you did all that. Amazing! Keep up the good work!