Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Freebies...

I can't bare to see good stuff in the trash on its way to a landfill. Last Saturday I was driving home from the grocery store and scooped up a table on wheels and a chair (not pictured) out of the trash. The table had a wood top with metal legs and the chair was black and plastic...but so cool looking. I was thrilled when my friend Kate saw their potential and agreed to take them.

On Monday heading out of my driveway I noticed a table on wheels and a chair (pictured) in the neighbor's trash. I took the table to use as another firewood holder (see my previous post Handy firewood containers...) and the chair as it will look good with a little white spray paint and may end up in the kitchen. Here is my firewood stash.

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ann said...

great idea.ours just sits on the ground,half the time my dh can't get it to burn.thats probably why.huh?...ann