Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weigh in...

Bought this Hanson scale at an estate sale with the thought of selling it. Well, it hasn't made it to the sale pile yet, and I am not sure it will. I believe it is from the late 1930s. I actually used it recently to weigh an item for a recipe. It has been sitting on my kitchen counter and that was kinda driving me crazy as it was eating up counter space. Today I decided to put my fruit bowl on it and place it on my bakers rack. The white fruit bowl on the scale was a $3 TJ Maxx find years the design.
Bought the bakers rack 11 years ago at a local antique store. It was quite expensive, but I love it. When I moved into my 1906 house six years ago it had a tiny, tiny kitchen so I added 10 x 24 feet to my house to make a decent size kitchen and a wonderful screen porch. By luck the bakers rack fit perfectly in the corner in the new kitchen. Plan to have this piece forever. Thinking about removing the wine racks as I don't use the racks to store wine (there are a few bottles in it for looks). If the wine racks were removed it would open up three shelves, which I think would be a good place to house my sugar/flour containers and mixer. On the left side of the rack is a candy jar with Lollie's food, a colorful cookie tin for cookies and a jar with oxiclean soap, as the washer and dryer are next to the rack in a pantry type closet. On the bottom right is an ice-cream jar that stores Lollie's treats.

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