Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Resting spot...

My newly recovered foot stool. Bought this foot stool for $2.99 at the thrift store. I didn't like the fabric, but loved the bun feet and thought it would come in handy for guests. A few months back I raised the height of my loveseats and therefore, those guests that are shorter have a challenge sitting comfortably. The foot stool is just the perfect height to make it more comfortable for those guests whose feet are barely touching the floor.

I was in the middle of recovering it when I realized I hadn't taken a before picture...so here is a pic of what it was covered in...it is the patchwork looking fabric on the lower half of the picture below...a very dated look.

Used some of my quilting fabric to recover it. Took the bun feet off and stapled the fabric on. Quick and easy...what a transformation. The fabric looks great with my blue loveseats.

Until it is needed by a guest, it will be used for holding the magazines I haven't read.


sarah @ a beach cottage said...

love the job you did on it and it goes beautifully in the room, gorgeous sofa with quilt and rug


Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Love that fabric...great job covering it!

Free Credit Score said...

Matching color, very soothing and perfect for Spring time :)