Thursday, December 11, 2008

Check Mark...

Another project done. I finished hand sewing the binding on this yellow and cream quilt. This is the most hand sewing I've ever done... it took me 11 hours...probably 4 times what it would take a skilled quilter.
Bought this yellow and cream quilt top years ago. Pulled it out in this spring and sent it off to my fabulous quilter. As always we discuss what quilt design and color will work best...decided to do a basic, simple quilt design on just the cream fabric using cream thread. Usually it goes from the quilter to someone else to put the binding on. However this time my quilter sewed the front side of the binding on and I took on the challenge of finishing the binding. Love how it turned has the best feel. The quilting design looks superb on both sides... so you end up with two quilts.
Can you believe someone had the patience to cut those tiny yellow triangles and hand sew the top?

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Credit Report said...

This is awesome! I cannot believe someone actually had the patience to cut those tiny yellow triangles!!