Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Grandma's oil painting...

My grandmother Edna (my father's mother) painted this oil painting for my father in February 1981 and titled it Valley Fog. When I moved back to Minnesota (from California) in 1997 my father gave me this painting as a house warming gift. It is special for many reasons, especially given that my grandmother passed away in 1982. I am very fortunate to have this painting. I knew my grandmother was talented, as I had experienced her fabulous cooking and baking over the years, and watched her use a woodburning pen to draw a beautiful holiday card on birch bark -- which she actually mailed to me. In all my visits I don't ever remember seeing her painting with oils. Not sure where she found the time, she had 12 children and 36 grandchildren and who knows how many great-grandchildren. She was such a joy to be around.
I have 2 oil paintings in my house and grandma Edna's is one of them. It hangs with several of my watercolors. Technically it doesn't fit my color scheme (white and blue with pops of red)...but yet it fits my home, because I love it and that is what counts. Somewhere along the line I got over worrying about matching colors...which is good because there isn't any way I am going to get rid of the turquoise table below. It stands out because of the turquoise color. I have thought about painting it but I love the turquoise and wish I had more of it, and after all turquoise is a shade of blue. The detailing on this table is spectacular.

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