Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gift wrapping and feng shui...

I don't do any holiday decorating because it is just me and that is a lot of work for just me. However, I do enjoy putting effort into decorating presents. I found four angels at a thrift store and thought they would serve several purposes....as decoration on a present and after it is unwrapped they can be hung on a tree, and for feng shui purposes.

My friend Elsa (aka unofficial feng shui consultant) provided me with guidance as to how to feng shui my house to help me sell a lake lot I have on the market. Elsa has had success with the process so who am I to question whether it works or not. Here is Elsa's advice with regards to what would help me sell the lot.

Put a silver box (first problem...I didn't own a silver box...but found a tiny silver tin designed as a gift holder for gift cards) in the helpful section of your house which is the section of your living room to the right of your front door (second problem, due to the layout of my house I wasn't sure if the small area to the right of my front door, which I call the library counted as part of my living room, I made an executive decision and counted it) – inside the box, put a piece of paper that reads “the perfect buyer for the lot on Hill Lake.... It's also good to put your realtor’s card (third problem...I don't have card for my realtor...so I just wrote her name on a piece of paper) in the box and the names of anyone you need help with in the near term (fourth problem...the box may be too small for the list I would put in there). Along with the silver box with names and desired outcomes you can add anything gray, symbols of helpful beings (angels), bells, water, hands, and/or symbols of a favorite place. The angel was the perfect item for my helpful section.

I haven't sold the land but the fact that I have dropped the price twice is going to be very 'helpful' for whoever purchases it.

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Glenda said...

Your angel is beautiful.
The whole concept of Feng Shui is fascinating to me. I truly think that we need to be in harmony with our surroundings.
Good luck with the sale of your property.