Monday, September 7, 2009

A Vintage Laundry Door…

0823 019

Please know this is a metamorphosis that I haven’t done yet…it is one that I am thinking of doing and I would appreciate your feedback. Recently dropped $3 on a vintage screen door. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it because it is too narrow and too tall to use in place of my current screen door. I had a few ideas, but Holly from Homebody left a comment about how others had turned screen doors into pantry doors and it got me thinking. Even though I don’t have a pantry in my kitchen as I chose to put in a washer/dryer (see below) instead, I wondered if I could replace my laundry doors with the screen door. I propped the screen door against the laundry doors and it looks like it would work. Below are a few photos of the screen door placed over the current laundry doors.

Leave me a comment and let me know if I should or shouldn’t use the screen door. If you say yes…should I put some type of black and white fabric in lieu of rescreening it? I think it will need something to hide the washer/dryer. You can see more of my kitchen here and here.

0823 022

0823 006

0823 005

Do you think the screen door will look odd next to the basement door which is on the left?0823 007

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My name is PJ. said...

1. I love the screen door!
2. I don't like it as much when you pan out and view it next to the basement door. They are out of proportion, weight and style.
3. Washers and dryers make noise; screen doors do little to quiet that noise.
4. I have faith that you will do what makes YOU happy. That's what's important!

Tammi said...

Hi, I think the screen door is great! I would imagine you plan remove the current doors, correct? Also, it doesn't bother me next to the basement door, I do agree with PJ though that the noise, etc. could be bothersome. I think it is a great idea though!!

Have fun with it!


MegJill said...

I say keep the doors you have! The screen door is nice, but why would you want to draw visual attention to a washer and dryer?! I feel this way when i see the makeovers of pantry doors to. I think they look better before! Isn't it NICE to put a door over all that pantry food so no one has to see it?! After all, the last thing I want to display is a collection of the cereal we like.
SO, back to your door, I love the ones you have already in place. And yes, they will keep the noise out a lot better than a screen one.
However, you are the one who will stare at it everyday, and if the ones you have now bother you, and you have no problem with the noise, then the screen door is certainly beautiful. I'd say add fabric behind the doors if you do that. (Maybe staple it to the inside of the door.)
Other options for the door? Maybe resting on the wall behind a chair, with a throw over one of the corners?
P.S. I think your house is beautiful! ANd it sounds like our homes are close to the same age. Ours was built in 1929.

~Caro~ said...

Ok, I LOVE the screen door. Love love love it. I think you should use it... but for something else! lol! Like others have said, it just seems the wrong proportion and style for this.

Angie said...

I think it looks AWESOME!!!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I love the screen door, very much. I get that there is a door next to it however there was already a door next to the washer dryer door and this is a much nicer look.

I understand what everyone is saying but its an improvement over the other door that was there.

Perhaps if the basement door wasnt so distinctive or blended better with the wall? it would blend better?

Wendy said...

I love that door! I say do it if you want to! But I agree, would the noise of the machines be bothersome?

Lemondrop Marie said...

Just love that screen door- and it is so fab it will look good ANYWHERE!

nannykim/ spindle cottage said...

I love that door and I have a fantastic idea for the use of it....are you ready??? Send it to me!! I need a replacement for one of my screen doors and since my house is full FULL of spindles and is called Spindle Cottage that door belongs here with me!! (hmm--the measurements might not be the same that case....

I agree with the others--you will not like the noise level if you change out the doors. So perhaps you can use it elsewhere?

jen said...

I LOVE it!! I think it will look great there! I suppose the noise may bother some, but if your like me your used to the racket. My washer and dryer is located right next to the kitchen with no door to keep the noise down. I think it would look great with fabric...maybe a ticking stripe??

Can't wait to see what you decide!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

That screen door is wonderful! However...I am just not sure I like the effect of the two doors right next to one another...I am wondering if there is some way you can change the other door...
Like...I don't know. If there are panels on the basement door...perhaps paper them in something cute that makes it seem almost like pictures?
Another thing...doors are funny. Not always easy to hang and have a good fit...and wouldn't it be awkward to open the screen door to get to your washer?
Somehow...I think there must be another use for that lovely screen door than that.
I guess I vote no on the door. I just think it would be a mistake and a lot of work to go to and then not be happy. Not for me. :) Cute idea though. Something will come up for that sweet door. :)

Brittany said...

I love that screen door. Every time I see it in your posts, I smile.
Anyways, no, I wouldn't use it on your washer door. I actually think that the doors you already have on it are really nice.
Have you thought about maybe incorporating it into your gardens somehow?
Even holding a big wreath leaning up against a wall in a sea of flowers is a pretty idea. (I've seen this done in my neighborhood).
It you do use it, definately put fabric behind it. No one wants to see a washer and dryer.
Good luck!
And I was pictures of what you decide to do with that door!

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

I would use the door, but paint it a bright cheery color, to differentiate it from the other door. Then I would use a thin white fabric, something gauzy, instead of the screen to obscure the washer and dryer.

Anonymous said...

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