Friday, July 3, 2009

Versatile potting table…

potting bench 002

Believe it or not I bought this potting table with the plan to use it to hold my quilts. Unfortunately it was too big for the spot I planned to place it. One of these days I will learn to take the local antique shop up on their policy to bring home an item for a 24 hour trial run. Since I decided not to use it for the quilts I never got around to painting it white. I plan to put it on craigslist this week and if it doesn’t sell before July 11th it will go in my garage sale.

The sales pitch…versatile table on wheels. Perfect as a potting table, bar, scrap booking table or baby's changing table. Lower shelf for storing pots or glasses and alcohol or pictures or diapers and baby powder. Will work in any room, the porch or cabin. Paint it to fit your decor. Height 35.5"; Depth 28" and Width 49.5.

potting bench 001

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My name is PJ. said...

Too bad you live so far away! I'd be at the garage sale the day before.... :)

Anonymous said...

I see's me a table i'd love to have for me!!! Love this table. I would have to paint it different colors but I love it.

Feedsack Fantasy said...

Me, too ... I would love this one ... have a wonderful 4th. TTFN ~Marydon

Bellamere Cottage said...

Dang, that's cute! I love it. I don't have a spot for it either....and I think getting here might be a teensie problem. :-)


bj said...

If I lived anywhere near you, I'd buy it in a heartbeat..I want a potting table so bad I could just spit!!

MegJill said...

Just like everyone else, I too wish I lived close enough to snag all your good finds!
Your blog is a joy to read, and I love your house! We are closing on a 1929 house. We should be in by the end of this month.
Thanks for all your fun posts!