Saturday, March 28, 2009

Up Close and Personal...

Meet Henny. I found Henny in a quilt shop called Fourth Corner Quilts in the Bellingham, Washington area five years ago. When I spotted her I wasn't sure if she was for sale. Loved her colors and thought she would look cute in my kitchen. Upon asking one of the woman working in the quilt store she told me that Henny belonged to the owner and didn't know if she was for sale. I left my name, number and email address for the owner. The owner, Julia, contacted me and said her high school Home Economics teacher made it and she would contact her teacher to see if she would make one for me. Well, as it turned out Julia sold me the original one the Home Ec teacher, made because the Home Ec teacher agreed to make a new one for Julia. Incredibily generous if you asked me. I put Henny (the name I gave her) in my kitchen, took her photo and sent it to Julia to show the Home Ec teacher that Henny landed in a good home.
Every day when I am washing dishes (I rarely use my dishwasher) I look up at Henny and smile.

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That my name is PJ and that said...

Henny is quite cheerful! Love your kitchen. I'm in the process of having a new one built and it's quite a process!

jen said...

How nice to have Henny watching over you as you wash up your dishes! Vary cute!


Raggedy Girl said...

Henny is adorable. I hope when I paint my kitchen cabinets this summer my kitchen looks half as good as yours.

Roberta Anne