Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rock On...

This rocking chair is from my childhood. I am not sure how old it is and if it came from a family member but I know it is over 50 years old. The rocker is in my guest bedroom and there is usally a quilt and pillow on it.
The quilt on the rocker in the pictures below is one of the first small lap quilts I ever made. I hadn't sewn before I started making quilt tops (I think the correct phrase is piecing) I had to learn how to match up the pieces so many of my earlier quilts are very basic. In the three pictures below you are seeing the back of the quilt.
The pillow sham was purchased in Santa Fe, New Mexico 20 years ago...long before blue and white became so dominant in my decorating style.

In the three pictures below you are seeing the back of the quilt.

Pictures below show the front of the quilt. I prefer the look of the back.

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Allidink said...

Wow that is so neat! And beautiful.

All the best,

bj said...

What a pretty rocker....

Raggedy Girl said...

Wonderful quilting!

Have a wonderful Sunday
from Roberta Anne

Joy said...

It is beautiful and perfect for that chair.

Susan said...

I love your quilts as always! I love the front of it!