Sunday, March 22, 2009

They are growing on me…


osseo 031

Bought these pictures in Walnut, Iowa years back because I loved the frame…and didn’t mind the color of the frame. I didn’t care for the prints though. I had these grandiose plans (as I do often) to paint the frame and replace the prints…well as many things go with me…here we are years (probably 5) later and they are just as they were when I purchased them. I guess I should be happy that at least they are hung on a wall and aren’t sitting in the basement. Every time I dust them more paint chips off the frame. Thankfully I don’t dust that often so there is still some paint left.

Sorry for the lame post but I am dragging…spent the day power washing the screen porch and front porch…pictures to follow some time in the next few days. It was in the 60s here in Minneapolis so it was the perfect weather for outdoor cleaning. I am just hoping we don’t get any more snow this year as I will be scrambling to pull furniture off the front porch. I think more than a few neighbors and those walking by thought I was crazy.

By the way…there aren’t streaks on the glass or the print, it is just a reflection and my poor photography skills that give the illusion of streaks.

osseo 032 

osseo 033

osseo 034

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krys kirkpatrick said...

You do sound very that makes you funny...I laughed with you. Thank-you for spring.

Susan said...

Your pictures are wonderful, you do sound tired and I too have been outside cleaning it up! Leaves!!!

Raggedy Girl said...

I have this thing that happens often when I visit a blog. Thoughts:
Lovely picture
Frame is unusual
I did that to a blue frame
If I paint the room pink...
Have to redo the frame
Where is the unfinished needlework
Isn't it pink
It would match the new room
What was I looking at!

So back to your blog. I like the frames and how the are not run of the mill.

My brain may need an overhaul.

Sunday Blessings
from Roberta Anne

jen said...

I think the old frames are very charming!


Momovthree said...

I love the frames and the prints. If you wanted to, you can seal in the chippy paint so you don't lose more of it. We have done that to a couple things and it works great. I just used a spray sealer so not to have paint chips on the floor.

I hope you get some rest, sound like you did a lot of work outside!

Reese & Marie said...

Oh my gosh - I LOVE those pictures... exactly as is! But then I love everything french and Paris related. If you ever decide to sell them, please contact me. I would be interested...