Monday, March 2, 2009

Proper Tools...

In my Red Chair post my sewing machine and plexiglass attachment were in the background in the photo of my red chair. One on my visitors, Ellen asked about the plexiglass. I was so happy she asked because I just got back from a weekend with the girls and I am braindead and didn't have a clue what I was going to post for today. When I took up quilting I didn't know how to sew let alone how to make a quilt top. I have become a firm believer that if you want to enjoy a hobby invest in some key tools. For me investing in a 1/4 inch foot and this portable plexiglass table saved my quilting career hobby. When I first started quilting I found it difficult to keep the fabric under the needle as the size of the quilt top grew so did the weight of the fabric hanging off the sewing machine was a pain to handle I can't complain.

The plexiglass top wasn't cheap ($65) but given that I have had it 12 years and use it extensively I can't complain. The info on the plexiglass is worn so I couldn't read any thing more than the words Portable Table. Upon doing a Google search I found one called Sew Steady Portable Table that looks like mine. They range in sizes and prices ($50 - $100). Mine is 18" X 24". I spotted it some where and told the store where I purchased my machine about it and they ordered it for me.
The quilt square below the plexiglass is the first square I completed for a quilt that I started months ago and haven't touched since I fnished that square.

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Susan said...

I would love to learn how to quilt! Can you do all of the work on the sewing machine or do you need to use a needle and thread? Explain the process please!

Raggedy Girl said...

I love all information about quilting. That plexiglass thing is so neat. When I bought my sewing machine cabinet it came with free shipping and a plexiglass insert to custom fit my machine. It is so nice. I hand quilt my squares but admire anyone who can do it on a machine. You have a really nice set-up.
Have a Wonderful Day
from Roberta Anne

Ellen said...

Thank you for posting more pics of your portable table. I'm so glad I asked about it! After seeing it up close and how it fits, I am going to have to have one of those. I don't quilt, but it could sure come in handle when sewing up a window treatment or two. :) And that's such a pretty quilt square tucked underneath there too... Thank you again!