Thursday, March 12, 2009

So, just how important is knowing the measurements...

Card above by Meri Meri!

Don't you love the 3D cards that are on the market these days? This card is by Meri Meri - love their cards. I bought this card as I had a frame that I wanted to put it in. However, because I am not good on the measurement front it didn't fit. Here is my measurement thought process..."I will know just by looking at something, that it will fit." OR I take the measurements but don't write them down and of course when the time comes I can't remember them. OR I take the measurements, write them down and then can't find the paper with the info.

I bought the three pictures below at the JunkBonanza two years ago. I didn't mind the drawings in the frames...but I didn't like the beige background nor the water stains on two of the I decided to find something else to put in them. Hence the purchase of the computer chick above and the cowboys and surfer kids below.

When I placed the three frames together to photograph them, it dawned on me that it may be fun to attach the three frames together and place a colorful napkin in each frame and use them to serve nuts or chips. By the way, the glass portion of these frames is 3 3/4" X 4 3/4"...seems like an odd size to me.

Meri Meri card above and below.

When I realized the Meri Meri cards weren't going to fit, I bought the three sock monkey cards below. At the time I bought them I was in a sock monkey mood as I had made a quilt with sock monkey fabric for a friend's son. These cards were made by Dee Lindner of Sock Moneky Lady based in Stone Lake, Wisconsin. And of course they didn't fit the frames either.
So back to the computer chick card at the top...when it didn't fit the frame and I realized I couldn't make it fit by cutting it, I thought I would send it to a friend. However, now that blogging has taken over my life I have decided to find a frame and put it on my desk.

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Allidink said...

LOL those cards are cute though!

All the best,

Raggedy Girl said...

What a cute post and I think we are all guilty of not measuring or just "eyeing" it. The cards are really darling.

Have a Terrific Thursday
from A Raggedy Roberta Anne

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Those cards are fantastic and I know now I'll keep an eye out for those. Dont' fret much, I can't seem to get measurements right either....grr.
Enjoy your day!

V and Co. said...

okay the needle is just an ordinary walmart needle, but make sure you use a thimble, cause it's murder on your fingers!