Friday, March 13, 2009

One thing led to another…

thrift 008

I went to the thrift store for one buy a tin that I could use to send some carmels to a friend. I found a fun, colorful tin (69 cents) and then one thing led to another and I found a few other things (total $8).
Cute red dog dish…how perfect for my girl Lollie, two etched glass light sconces (I guess that is how you would described them…unfortunately I broke one because I was carrying too much stuff and dropped my bag full of goodies), half yard of red and white fabric and two wood weights.

So, as I mentioned the tin will be used for the carmels,
thrift 019

thrift 018
thrift 017
thrift 016
the weights will be used for some therapy I am doing on my elbow and when I am done with that they will be used as a door stop,
thrift 009
thrift 015
the sconce as a candle holder (I am just sick about breaking one…two would have been so cool),
thrift 010
the dog dish is obvious, and
thrift 011
the fabric for quilting – I love blue reds.
thrift 012
By the way, if your crock pot ever quits working…don’t throw out the interior pot and lid. At a recent girl’s weekend gathering my aunt used the inside pot and lid for serving nuts….it worked very well. It would be handy for serving any kind of hot food.


Susan said...

I love what you found and I would be sick about breaking the sconce too!

Raggedy Girl said...

Sorry you broke one of your treasures but you really found some nice things.

Have a Fabulous Friday ❤❤❤
from a Raggedy Roberta Anne

C Maisy said...

You got some really neat stuff. Thanks for sharing.