Thursday, August 20, 2009

Magazine basket and a giveaway…

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I don’t know about you but I can never seem to have enough baskets to stash my magazines. I usually keep them for two years, and then go back through them one last time before I  pass them on to a friend who enjoys them as I much as I do. If an issue features a house in my neighborhood I don’t part with it. Found this white basket with handles at an occasional sale and thought it would hold two stacks and fit under my TV stand…and it does.

Blogged for Homebody’s Thrift Store Thursday.

Cottage Lifestyle Giveaway!

Prize: Beach House Inspired Watercolors print of you choice and willing to ship anywhere.

Rules: You don’t need to have a blog to enter…just make sure you leave your email address. Enter as often as you wish. Anyone in the world can enter.

Ways to enter: You can do one or more of the following.

1) Visit Sara Tetley’s Beach House Inspired Watercolors and come back and share your favorite print.
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4) Visit my Thrifty Shopping article on titled Affordable watercolor art and frames, where I featured Sara’s watercolors and leave a comment.
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Giveaway ends August 30th.

Cottage Lifestyle Giveaway

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Anonymous said...

I love the light at the door. Aqua is so my color.


KarenSue said...

I have baskets all over the house. I know it's a problem,I just can't part with them.

pamperedgirl38 said...

I know I'm packrat when it comes to my magazines! I desperately need to sort through some! I just can't yet. Traci

Holly said...

I keep too many magazines too long! Your basket worked out perfectly.
Sara's watercolors are so pretty and fresh...I like Light at the Door.

DeniseMarie said...

love your basket. I've started a few pretty folders to put in a binder of my fav pages and pass it along immediately or throw it out. I have a foodie category, projects category, inspirational decor..

jennifer said...

I have a box of magazines that I haven't unpacked in a year. The debate is... do I just give them away now or do I take them out. I just KNOW if I open that box I am going to spend all day reading magazines and THEN I won't be able to get rid of them.

Yours look really nice stashed in the basket!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Magazines are my opium. I am addicted, and have back issues of decorating magazines dating back to 1978.

Yikes. I also have baskets; love your big flat one. Nice.

I like the beach cottage with blue bay print -- I think that's what it is called. Lovely giveaway! Fingers crossed,

Jerralea said...

I love the bench outside the orange cottage print. Love the colors!

I hear you on having too many mags.

Elizabeth said...

I'm a new follower! I wish I could find a basket like yours to store my magazines in. I have 'em piled up in the corner!

Shelli said...

I love the boat picture...the colors are so vibrant. thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win a painting. :)

Caroline said...

My favorite is the light at the pretty and I love the colors.

luckycharm said...

My favorite is Underwater Octopus!

Love your blog!

Sandy said...

Wow a stash of magazine. I keep and read my mags. often


I must confess to my over abundance of magazines and books...........................I had to re decorate a room just for them. Lovely blog. XO MARY