Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Everything tells a story…

I only want things in my home that hold a memory and tell a story. One of my closest friends, Margaret, died last August at the age of 49…she lost her five year battle to ovarian cancer. About a year before she died we spent four days at her beach house in Aptos, California. It was a special time, as it was just the two of us…we talked about everything in our lives, including our deep dark secrets, what she was going through and what the future held. Margaret bought me the sand and shells triangle art piece during that trip. Each time you turn it the view changes. It represents our time at the beach and our friendship.
0809 023
0809 024
0809 025
0809 026
I placed the sand and shells on the TV stand so it would be visible, and encourage me to turn it often, and to keep Margaret present. I realized that when I went to take a picture of the sand and shells today…that it is placed below the word DREAM and in front of decorating books that inspire me…all meant to be.
0809 027
0809 028

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Mandi said...

What a beautiful story and tribute to a friend. I love the seashells and sand in glass...and that it changes with every turn. Your time with her was so special, memories like that will keep her close to you always.

My name is PJ. said...

That is what's most valuable in life - love, faith, memories. Poignant. Thanks for sharing it.

Kimberly said...

Cancer is such a scary thing. What a wonderful way to remember your friend.

Dixie said...

Renee.. what a sweet post. I often find myself "clustering" cherished objects... I guess we all tend to do that. sending hugs. Dixie