Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Petite rack…

Bought this rack a few weeks ago at our neighborhood garage sale. Thought I might use it in the bathroom for towels or in a bedroom at night for holding quilts that are on the bed during the day. It is cute but I just don’t have the space for it in the bathrooms or bedrooms. This will be in my July 11th garage sale. If you are interested in coming by the sale send me an email and as we get closer to the event I will send you my address. I live in southwest Minneapolis, so if you are close come on by.

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Anonymous said...

I have an older rack myself and you've just given me the perfect idea for it. I am going to give my rack a nice paint job and sling some towels over it. Now, shall it go to the restroom or the kitchen.... hmmmmm

lambie-pie said...

Wow, I love that, it's exactly what I'm looking for. Too bad I live out of state. Any chance you'll ship yard sale items?!:)