Monday, January 5, 2009

Things that make me SMILE :) #3

Each Monday I select something in my house that makes me smile when I look at it. Bought this chair in Pleasanton, CA back in 1993. Love the painted cowboy and boot, and love it because it folds. With my track record of moving (29 times) folding items are a plus. It sits in one of my guest bedrooms (aka the red on the picture with the red and white quilt on the right side of the blog to see more pics of the red bedroom).
Even though the colors in this 'camp' pillow don't fit the red room colors I like it on the chair.
The game board on the wall was made by my talented friend Suzanne...check out her work at Old Glory Rugs & Games. The quilt designed as a flag is hanging on a large bulletin board with a frame. I use the builletin board for putting up my quilt blocks when I am making a quilt top.
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Raggedy Girl said...

I really like Things That Make Me Smile Monday. You could make it an event. It is a nice idea. I also love the chair and it made me smile too.
Roberta Anne

Rhondi said...

That quilt on the wall really made me smile because I am a quilter too. The phot on your banner is beautiful. Is that your home?