Sunday, January 11, 2009


Visited one of my favorite antique shops today. LeAnntiques is located in Hopkins, MN (Twin Cities) and is open once a month for 11 days. I love this shop because of the owners LeAnn and Frank and because they always have charming items...and quite a few of those charmers have made their way to my home. I find LeAnn and Frank to be extremely friendly and welcoming. There are many times that I go to an antique or quilt shop and don't even get acknowledged. I know this type of behavior is somewhat standard in department and big box stores, but I don't ever expect it with small businesses. Thank you LeAnn and Frank for making my shopping experience so enjoyable.

If you are in the area make sure to stop by. Check out LeAnntiques for their address, phone number and upcoming dates.

Below are some pics I took while at LeAnntiques. You will have to wait until tomorrow to see what I bought.

What do you think the item below was designed to be used as?

Hanging a football uniform.
And what do you think the item below is?

It is a chocolate mold...if you lay it the open position on a dresser it would make a great earring holder.

And what do you think the item below was used for?

Yes, making bread.

I love the look of hinging doors together to make a divider.
What would you do with the little tires?

Some day I want to make a hooked rug.
Saw this chair and it reminded me of my chair. See my previous post

Love ladders and love red...this would be great for storing books or plants.
I envision this gate being used in a bathroom to hold towels.

The red coffee bin could contain my recycling or compost in the house until I take it out.

Wouldn't this be a great chandlier for the porch?

This small 'dresser' could be used as a dresser or buffet, for storing quilting or sewing or scrapbooking projects, games, photos, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Love this shopping cart...wouldn't it make a fun laundry basket?

I am into plate racks...I had them built into my kitchen. The blue box is so me.


Whispering Pine Cottage said...

What a neat shop! I love the hooked rug and the coffee bin! I wish I lived close by.....

BECKY said...

Hi there! I came here via Little House in the Desert! You know...I LOVE the cottage/shabby chic look, too, but my big burly hubby...not so much. So my decor is more traditional/casual/tuscan. I do love scouring fleas, and uniques and antique shops and as long as what I find doesn't look too beat up, hubby is okay with it!

I'm purging cleaning and organizing, too!! I have done 4 drawers in my kitchen, and my "coat closet". Funny, I don't know why we need a coat closet in sunny Florida! Anyway, nice to meet you!
I'll be back by soon. I'm participating in Thrifty Chicks meme too!

Joy said...

I love all this nifty vintage stuff, especially the vintage chandelier!

Raggedy Girl said...

I want to go antiquing. i haven't been since November. Boo Hoo but thanks for letting me share your trip.
Roberta Anne