Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Freebies continued...

More freebies. There is a street close to where I live that almost weekly has good items out on the curb. Here is what I found this week. The chair is missing part of the back and needs minor work. Not sure I am going to keep it, may try to fix the back and recover the seat and donate it.

The metal computer stand is in perfect condition and it is on rollers...very heavy.

The computer table will come in handy, as I have been spending a lot more time online since I started following blogs and started blogging. I usually work with the laptop on my lap, which is not good for my wrists, elbows and back. Now I can sit on the couch and roll the table right over to me. The keyboard tray is pretty deep...I think it will hold a keyboard and wrist rest and it is deep enough to hold my laptop...if I decide I am not going to put the laptop on the upper level.

It goes as low as 25" and high as 37". When I am tired of sitting I can stand up and continue surfing the net. It could also be used for various other projects and as a TV tray.

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Raggedy Girl said...

OK ENVY!!! No one leaves great stuff out on my streets. The little table is so cute and handy too. Great finds.
Roberta Anne