Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cleaning can be cost-effective...

I never thought I would say it but the indepth cleaning and organizing I have been doing is satisfying my wish to go shopping and saving me money. Why is that? Because I have stumbled upon things that I had forgotten I had and things that I was planning to purchase. For example, I have started making my dog Lollie's treats and I was thinking how great it would be to have a dog bone shaped cookie cutter. Guess what? I do have one.

By the way, I realized I had five corkscrews...I barely drink a glass a wine every few how is it that I ended up with five? I think one or two were gifts (the nicer ones which you have to have to use with people you don't know well and think you should impress). The others are your basic ones that you pull out for close friends. Maybe you need several because once you start drinking you can't remember where you put the one you were using or maybe you need several because you don't want anyone to have to wait in line to open a bottle.
I was positive that I had a staple gun, but could I find it...ah, that would be a no. It was missing for the past I asked Santa for a new one. Well, if I had just organized my basement a little sooner I wouldn't have had to ask Santa. Unfortunately I have already opened and used the one Santa brought me so I can't send it back. Oh, well I am guessing that it is probably a good thing that I have two...that way I should be able to find at least one when I need it.

On Monday, January 12th I will be participating in Thrifty Decor Chick's Organization and Declutter event. Maybe I will see you there.

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Raggedy Girl said...

I am in one of those cleaning binges too. I know what you mean as I am the owner of three bottles of Karo and 15 pairs of winter tights and six cans of chopped clams. Organization does save money.
Roberta Anne