Thursday, January 15, 2009

Did you know this?

This was sent to me via email so I am sure it is circulating the internet and you may have seen it. I hadn't seen it and didn't know you could do this.

I want to go on record as saying this isn't my hand in the picture. I took this picture out of the email that was sent to me.

Have you ever yanked out the whole roll of Reynolds Wrap when you were trying to pull out and tear off a piece? I have. At the end of each box is a tab to press to lock the roll in place. Saran Wrap also has these locking tabs. I took out a box and pushed in the tabs and pulled out a piece and the roll stayed in the box.

Was I the only one that didn't know these tabs existed?


Momovthree said...

You are cracking me up! I can remember the day I realized those push in tabs were there. I felt like such a dope because of all the years I spent trying to hold the roll in with the lid so it wouldn't all come out on me. Those little things are a great invention for sure. :)

Peggy. said...

No your not the only one who didn't know that. I have a roll right now that falls out of the box everytime I pick it up. I always miss the obvious!

Karol said...

No way! I am going to check mine now.

Karol :0)

Raggedy Girl said...

I never knew this. I am going to go fix my boxes right now. Thank you so much!
Roberta Anne

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Completely clueless!

Katherine said...

I just went and checked mine and sure enough, there it was on the foil and the plastic wrap boxes. But it wasn't on my parchment paper or wax paper boxes. I wonder why?

Thanks for the tip!! ;)

Tricia Anne said...

Well I feel dingy now! :o) I knew about the aluminum foil but had no idea about the Saran Wrap! I wrestle with that box every time I open it. Thanks so much for the information! I will be pushing those tabs in right away! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Liz said...

Oh how funny! Something so simple...
thanks for letting us know! : )