Friday, January 9, 2009

A Good Fit...

Bought this stand a few years back from a local shop as it was a perfect fit for this niche, the design is wonderful, and the soft blue is so me. The second floor of my 1906 house has only one telephone jack and it is located in the hallway. I don't have any plans to add jacks to the bedrooms or to get one of those 'wireless' connectors (not sure how to describe what I am referring to). The phone connected to this jack is cordless so it can go anywhere in the house. And yes, if the phone rings after I have gone to bed I do have to get up to answer it...but that doesn't bother me as it doesn't happen often. I must say though, I am not thrilled with the look of the power cord and telephone cord...maybe someday it will bother me enough to try to do something about it.


Tricia Anne said...

What a darling table!!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Raggedy Girl said...

Make a fabric sleeve for the cords. Just a tube with a seam down one side in some fabric you like.
Roberta Anne