Monday, November 9, 2009

Any ideas…

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Spotted these kid frames at the Markets of Marion Flea Market in Ocala, FL. They were $2 a box. I wish I would have stumbled on them prior to the baby shower I went to recently. They would have made cool gift tags…you could either put a picture of the recipient or just a simply to and from on decorative paper. My friend Sue and I were brainstorming ideas and come up with the following: Christmas tree ornaments,fun placeholders at a kid party or baby shower or an adult party, tie them to the end of a balloon for a kid’s party or a baby shower, and they would make interesting decorations on a kid’s cake or a baby shower cake.

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Theresa said...

Hey Renee, You could make a banner with a letter in each frame to make a child's name:) Have a blessed day!

Brittany@Superwoman said...

Oh, Theresa stole my idea!
I was thinking: get a white frame the same width as the rod, but a picture of your kid in the frame, spell out the name of your child (would have to buy more than one rod for a longer name).
That would be so fun!
Put pictures of your kids and hang up in the laundry room. Wouldn't that be fun?

Hope I've helped!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I looked at them and thought "laundry room". Do you think you could use them there?

My name is PJ. said...

Theresa is pretty darn smart to comment first with the singular best idea! I first thought of fashioning flat clothes hanger hangers for them and using them in the laundry room. That is what I would do...but I don't have young kids or grandchildren...

Debbie @ said...

Wow, these are adorable. What a wonderful find!
Sure enjoy your blog!