Saturday, April 18, 2009

I do believe winter is over...

The weather in Minneapolis, MN is finally at a point where I actually believe winter is behind us. It was in the 60s this past week and I am no longer embarrassed that I put out all my porch and patio furniture. I say that because the furniture has been out since March and has snowed three times since I put it out.

Bought this pillow three years ago at a church rummage sale for 50 cents. All it needed was a good wash to make it come alive.
The pillow makes its home on a chair on my screen porch.

Pics of the porch will follow soon...once I am recovered from the drive to Montana. We were gone 76 hours and 36 hours were spent driving.

Also, I know I promised pics of the entry way today, but I didn't like how they turned out so I will have to shoot a new batch.

Thanks for stopping by...
Renee @ Cottage Lifestyle


My name is PJ. said...

Renee, love the new header! Wish you would post links to rooms in your home. Your design sense is wonderful!

bj said...

Glad spring is there now...we are still just a tad away from it but it will be here soon..

Raggedy Girl said...

I have not put my porch stuff out yet or cleaned up the back deck because our weather has been so weird. We have 70 one day and snow the next.

Your little pillow is so sweet and looks great on that chair.

Roberta Anne-The Raggedy Girl

Allidink said...

Aw neat pillow! I'm glad things are warming up for you!

All the best,

Bellamere Cottage said...

What a great time I had catching up on your posts! I LOVE your red. I'm not a red gal......too much pink......but I DO love it. It's just so darn cheerful, isn't it?

I think you have a new picture for your header??? CUTE!

Bless you!