Monday, April 20, 2009

Come on in...

This is my front entry/mud room.  I have to laugh as I write the word mudroom. More often than not the time a mudroom comes in handy is during the winter. However, I don't allow folks to enter the front of my home in the winter because the wood porch steps are like a skating rink. In the winter everyone comes to the back of my home and enters through the screen porch. The other reason that I don't use the mudroom in the winter is that it is if anyone were to hang their coat or leave their would be miserable to put them back on.

This little space, which was very difficult to photograph, has a bench with a cushion that was made for a wicker loveseat (which I no longer have), a few pillows, painting, coat rack and coat closet (opposite the bench and not in the photo).

Check out the pillows on the bench...they were made by the talented, Canadian artist Helen Downing Hunter. Not only can she paint (see painting below), she can sew, decorate, garden, etc. Check out her home if you don't belive me.
The painting below is the original from a page in a book titled Crabby Crab that Helen illustrated.
The scene seems so appropriate for my home by the water.
In the photo below the coat closet is the door on the right.

If you have a second please take the survey in the right hand side bar. I am interested in getting an idea of what percent of items at a garage sale you think are new or haven't ever been used.
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My name is PJ. said...

Your mudroom is charming, like the rest of your home. I seriously love the way the reds in your home pop against the blue.

Raggedy Girl said...

The mudroom is really sweet and I would use it to hide in and maybe read when I didn't want anyone to find me but not in the winter unless I could have a quilt.

Roberta Anne = The Raggedy Girl

Dawn said...

That's a really cute spot!

Hugs from Eventually Cottage!

Susan said...

Love your entry, but I understand about everyone entering through the back. It's easier!