Monday, May 4, 2009

I am coming over and bringing dessert…

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When we have family gatherings I always volunteer to bring dessert as I love to bake. I haven’t ever owned a cake/pie carrier. Correction here...Actually I own several silver cake carriers that are just used for decoration on top of my kitchen cabinets. Usually I take a box and place the pie/cake in it and hope the box keeps the item steady and that the dog doesn’t get into it during the car ride.

When I spied this 3-tier beauty at a garage sale I didn’t even negotiate…I quickly pulled out my $2. Don’t you just love it??? I haven’t ever seen one with wild pictures like this one. Makes me want to whip up some dessert and head to a cabin for vacation.
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I am trying to figure out where I could keep it on display in the kitchen.

see other bloggers thrifty finds.

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My name is PJ. said...

Now, THAT'S a find! My favorite part of your post was the part where you said you didn't even barter, just paid the $2!

The Raggedy Girl said...

That is really cute and certainly in your signature colors. I have an old acid green one that I keep on a high shelf over a door in the kitchen.

The Raggedy Girl

the rusty cupboard said...

I have several and I get so many compliments on it when I take it to dinners. So fun

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

HI, Renee, thanks for joining my party. That is an adorable cake holder. Now you'll be ready for the desserts. I'll take your poll too.

Anonymous said...

Sweet!! I've been looking for cake plate/cover ensemble for a while now. I'd love to find a shabby chic one but at this point anything in decent usable shape would do. I could always paint it right? Nice find.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous cake carrier... and I can't believe you didn't negotiate the price... lol

The Blue Ridge Gal

Marydon said...

Out of all the cake carriers we have sold in the shop, or viewed in antique malls, I've never seen this design. Lovely, colorful ...
TTFN ~ Marydon

Maya@Completely Coastal said...

This is absolutely adorable. And what a cool beachy design. I don't think you find something like that in a store (these days).

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

That is fab! Totally worth the $2, lol!