Saturday, May 30, 2009

Old fashion lawn chairs…

red and white metal folding chairs 1
Love these lawn chairs because they are just what we used at our cabin during my childhood years. Bought the pair for $25 at a garage sale last summer. I may paint them myself or depending on the price hire someone who does auto body painting. Plan to paint the seat and back red, and arms and legs white, just as they are in the picture.

The red wood folding table in the middle and the one to the far right were bought at a flea market, and the metal folding table on the left along with two others were purchased at a garage sale…can’t remember what I paid for any of the tables. Spray painted them red. They get used all summer long. Remember I am the queen of purchasing anything that folds or is on rollers.
red and white metal folding chairs 2
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My name is PJ. said...

soooooooooooo cute!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Great chairs, my parents house still has their wonderful metal chairs sitting on the porch. I even love yours just the way they are.
Have a super weekend!
♥ Teresa

glimpse of my world said...

adorable.. I love RED!

glimpse of my world said...

adorable.. I love RED!

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Hey Roller Queen! Always adore what you snag, & love vintage outdoor furniture. Great job!

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

I love your chairs. I personally would just have them sealed and leave the old, chippy, rusty finish. But that's me. I'm a weirdo like that. ;)
I am quite sure they will be lovely painted as well. Bright and brilliant. Very nice.

Cindy said...

I love those!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Oh, I love the metal chairs just as they are, chippy perfect!!! Wonderful find! Janna