Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fabric Fun...

My friend Melinda was at Hancock Fabrics when they were giving away their fabric samples. Melinda snapped up 175 samples. We brainstormed what she could do with them. See our list below.
When Melinda saw the samples she immediately thought they would make a great wine bottle bag/cozy. Without any sewing we wrapped a fabric sample around a bottle just to see what it would look like...with a few sitches it will look fabulous.
The fabric could be turned into clothing for your wine. Years ago someone gave me this fun wine bottle dress.

Okay, here is our list. What would you do with the fabric samples?
  1. Wine bottle covers/bags
  2. Wine bottle attire
  3. Placemats
  4. Gift bags
  5. Book covers
  6. Wallets
  7. Insulin carriers
  8. Makeup bags
  9. Centerpiece display
  10. Table runner
  11. Table cloth (sewn in quilt design)
  12. Quilt
  13. Plate protectors (place in between plates when you store/pack them)
  14. Tea cozy
  15. Toaster cover
  16. Pillows
  17. Doll clothes
  18. Doll house rugs
  19. Coasters
  20. Bath matt
  21. Tote
  22. Dog collar
  23. Dog scarf
  24. Dresser runner
  25. Vignette display
  26. Tree skirt
  27. Ottoman cover
  28. Hats
  29. Heating pads
  30. Snakes (the kind that are filled with beans and put at the base of the door or in the window sill to keep out the cold)
Thanks for stopping by...
Renee @ Cottage Lifestyle


The Vintage Rose said...

Wow! What an amazing list of things you can make,

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Lots of great ideas!

Tricia Anne said...

Oh how wonderful to have that much fabric!! :o) There are several items on your list that I would do right away. :o) But what really caught my eye was the insulin carrier. My daughter is insulin dependent. Do you have a pattern or plan to do something like that? I would love to create something sweet for her to carry to school rather than what she currently has.
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Momovthree said...

Wow, talk about the right place at the right time! Great finds. I love all your ideas.

Terri and Bob said...

Cool! Will you post your successes? I'd love to see them!

DesignTies said...

Lots of creative ideas on your list :-)

How about framing some of the patterned samples and hanging them on the wall -- inexpensive, easy, colourful artwork :-)

You could also use some samples to upholster padded squares of plywood and hang them on the wall in a grouping as a bulletin board.

Kelly (one half of DesignTies)

Cherry's Jubilee said...

holy cow great idea! Good way to use those up. cherry

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Sounds like you hit the jackpot! Lucky you