Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blind date story...

Nine years ago a friend of mine from Minneapolis set me up on a blind date with someone that lived in Portland, Maine. The blind date guy and I emailed and talked on the phone for a few months and then I flew to Portland, Maine to meet him. The date didn't go so well...but while in Portland I fell in love with these utensils. The blind date guy didn't approve of me purchasing them. On that trip I bought three of the utensils pictured.

Six years ago while on a trip to the east coast I met up with my friend Elsa who happened to be traveling on the east coast and we drove through Portland on our way back from shopping at the L. L. Bean outlet. I wanted to go back to the gallery where I purchased the utensils but of course I couldn't remember the name of it. All I could remember is that the gallery was in the area of town where the streets are cobblestone. So we headed towards that area of town. As we were driving down one of the cobblestone streets I thought I recognized the gallery so we quickly pulled into a 15 minute parking meter spot. Went in and I described what I was looking for and they told me I would find the utensils at Abacus Gallery which was directly across the street. Went in and bought two more pieces (I checked out their website today and didn't see the utensils I bought). I can't find the website for the company that makes the utensils. Granted Portland isn't a huge city but I was impressed with myself that I got us so close to the gallery right off the bat and that we were able to make the purchase and get back to the car before our 15 minute meter expired.

I love these utensils and use them all the time...they weren't cheap but when you add in the airfare for the blind date (he was suppose to go 50/50 on the airfare and didn't) they defintely were expensive.

The utensils from left to right:
Spoon for dishing up pasta; spoon for serving soups or any other liquids, spatula with cutting edge - handy for cutting and serving meatloaf, fish spatula which makes it easy to flip fish; and a handy spoon for serving vegetables.

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Renee @ Cottage Lifestyle


Terri and Bob said...

Just the fact that he "approved" or "disapproved" your purchases would have turned me off him immediately.

Besides, I really like them!

trash talk said...

Those are beautiful! How do they fit your hand(or are they just for looking pretty...which they do!). Hey the blind date may not have worked out but at least it wasn't a total washout! I'd say you got the best end of the deal. And just what made him think he had any input to begin with. How dare he!!! Cute story. Debbie

Katherine said...

Hi Renee,

Even if the blind date didn't work out, at least you got something good out of the trip. Those utensils are really pretty.

Blind dates can be good though....that's how I met my husband of almost 22 years. :) I didn't get any utensils though. LOL


Raggedy Girl said...

I know you chose wisely in taking the beautiful tools and leaving the guy behind.

Tuesday Tidings from Roberta Anne

Shelia said...

Aw, too bad the blind date didn't work out, but man, you got some terrific looking utensils.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

Those utensils are awesome!

Wendy said...

That's so WEIRD that he would care one way or the other that you'd buy them. Sounds like you made some good choices all the way around!

Donna said...

Love your utensils! The fact that he didn't want you to buy them speaks volumes about him- good choice to keep the utensils and ditch him!!!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage