Sunday, November 23, 2008

It finally happened!

Are you wondering what happened? Well...I finally got motivated today to organize and complete a few projects. It feels great when you get on a cleaning and organizing roll. My first project was cleaning and organizing my armoire. I was too embarrassed to take a 'before' pic so you are only seeing the after shot. I love this made the move across the country (Bay Area to Minneapolis) with me years ago. It sits in my dining room and houses baskets of CDs, a stereo and very large speakers, baskets for my mittens, hats, scarves and sunglass cases, and various tools (i.e. screw drivers, pliers, nails, hammers, etc.). I am going to pack up the stereo system and donate there will be even more room.

I have been looking for curtains for my second floor bathroom. I don't need anything for privacy as no one can see in. However, the sun can make the small bathroom very hot in the summer. I found 4 sheer panels with a design at an estate sale for $2. I had one tension rod and went out a bought a second one. I put 1 panel on each rod and that looked fine, but I thought since I had 4 panels why not put 2 panels on a rod. Curtainless window and 2 panels on each rod pictured below.

The weather was in the 30's (warm for Minneapolis) today so I got outside and finished the last of the winter projects. Took down some cute shutters I put on my front porch during the spring and summer for decoration, put out a winter mailbox as it becomes too slippery for the mailperson to walk up my steps to use my door mailslot, and put away my gigantic American flag. My porch looks so boring and somewhat ugly. Time to get back to cleaning and organizing.

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