Saturday, November 29, 2008

Beach chair blues...

Bought a folding, beach style chair in Buffalo, MN for $12. Spray painted it with glossy white paint...I love white. Once it was painted I decided it need a pillow or quilt for a pop of color. Then it dawned on me that I had two pillows in my favorite colors (blue and white) that hadn't ever been used. Bought them to use as floor pillows...but they were too small to use as floor pillow. Tossed the blue and white pillows on the chair and it looks good. Used it as an extra chair at dinner last night and it was quite comfortable. It also works well when I need to do work at my red drop leaf table.
My friends will tell you that I have a fetish for tables and chairs that fold and any thing on wheels. I have moved 29 times hence the reason I like folding furniture and wheels make rearranging furniture much easier.

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I wonder if that chair is light enough to bring to the beach?