Sunday, December 8, 2013

BC Cottage

The last time I truly blogged was 2010 and then I made one feeble attempt to start again in January 2013. The challenge in getting back to blogging was I didn't have anything to blog about...until NOW!

And WOW I realize how boring my blog looks, especially compared to all the bloggers I started out with back in 2008.  I guess a new look will have to be next on the blogging to-do list.

Anyway…on to the reason I am back to blogging. I bought a small cottage in British Columbia…a cottage that is only accessible via the ferry or sea plane. And when I say small…500 square feet. Over the next few weeks and months I will show you the inside and share my story.

BC Dream Cottage
Oh, and it has a 100 square foot bunk house/studio…whatever one wishes to do with it. For me it will ultimately be a bunk house. It needs to be painted and decorated…however that won't happen until late Spring or early Summer.
The Bunk House/Studio
A view of the beach, ocean and mountains…this photo was taken from a friend's house. My view is good…not this grand…however I can walk 20 yards to the pier and see it all.
Why I like it here!

A dream come true!

Thanks for stopping by... Renee @ Cottage Lifestyle

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Theresa said...

Beautiful! I love my little cottage out back, about the same size:) Enjoy your day dear friend, can't wait to follow your decorating ideas! HUGS!